Well, it happens every summer so today was a good enough day as any: I swallowed a bug. No, I don’t know what kind it was. No, it wasn’t salty, or sweet for that matter. No, I didn’t chew or swallow. Eeeee….I’m grossing myself out now, so I’ll stop.

The car is repaired (YAAAYY!!!!) and no one has tried to race me since. I must admit I’m a little disappointed. I was looking forward to making some greasy avaara eat my dust! (avaara= greasy, uncouth, lewd boy/man) For some reason, the engine has really good pick-up when the muffler has a hole in it. Or maybe the pick-up just seems better because the engine is louder. I dunno. But the car is quiet again and I am no longer Sensei Speed Demon, Terror of the Tarmac. Actually…I still terrorize the tarmac…but only a little.

Tomorrow is English Night. That’s where all of my ESL students get together and we play Scrabble and Pictionary and Madlibs and other stuff. It’s great fun, and there are prizes too. Unfortunately, I’m the one who has to cough up the prizes, but I don’t mind. I really enjoy seeing my students make use of what we’ve learned in class. Aniraz thinks I’m crazy because I get all excited and I talk about my students like they’re giga-pets. (Does anyone even remember giga-pets?) I’ll come home from work and go, “Guess what! I finally got her to say the ‘j’ sound properly! Isn’t it exciting!”

There’s always really good food at English Night too…mostly Turkish these days because five of my seven students are Turkish. I must say…Turkish food is really good. Lukumu…yumm…and I had some chocolate covered nuts…and one of my students periodically feeds me home-made chocolate mousse with hazelnuts, God bless her. I don’t know whether that’s specifically a Turkish dish, but hey, you won’t hear me complaining about it! :::munch munch:::

:::munch munch slurp::: I’m eating an overly-large piece of coffee bar. Tha’s one of the perks of running a bakery…the stale things are mine! All mine! Mwahahaaaa!! *gag* Well, actually today was the bakery’s last day. It’s not that it wasn’t doing well (Alhamdulillah) it’s just that the weather has gotten TOO hot to be running a home-made bakery. Plus, my dad needed extra space in the restaurant so the bakery counter had to go. We don’t mind, and besides, we still bake on order…sometimes. When we feel like it anyway. :p And we’re always baking for ourselves. He he.

I’ve signed up for a fotolog, but since my digital cam bit the dust, I only have a few pics suitable for public viewing, without any definite promise of more in the future. I do have pics of the outside of my dad’s restaurant, a pic of our vicious-ridiculous man-eating dog and we have a picture of our Qurbani sheep from this Eid, but Aniraz already posted that pic on her site a while ago. I couldn’t take a more recent pic of it even if I wanted too…all it would look like would be a leg of lamb in the deep freezer. He he.

We’ve borrowed a seriously cheap and crappy digital cam from Aniraz’s office, so I could wander around taking blurry pictures of the village in front of my house and the goats that eat our flowers, but I’m ashamed to be posting such low-quality photos after looking at the super-clear, super-nice stuff on Shad’s fotolog. Oh man…what a time to not have a digital cam, there’s a moon-bow out right now. I don’t suppose you guys know what a moon-bow is. I wouldn’t know either if my mom weren’t such a rainbow-buff. She was always dragging us kids around to see rainbows (real ones) and moon-bows when we were little. Well, a moon-bow is a rainbow at night. All you see is a yellow and orange band curving past the moon because it‘s really too dark for the other colors to show up. It’s creepy-looking, but MashaAllah, it’s cool.

I spose we really should get our digital camera fixed, it’s just that the place where you plug the USB cable in has come loose, so when you plug the cable in, the little pokey metal things don’t touch anymore. (All hail the techno-twit!) Does anyone know if there’s a FujiFilm digital service center here in Islamabad?

And speaking of Islam, here‘s our Islamic quote of the day. “Successful indeed are the believers, who are humble in their prayers, who shun vain conversation, who pay Zakat and guard their modesty.” -The Holy Qur’an, Surah 23, ayaat 1-5


Abez is a 50% white, 50% Pakistani, and 100% Muslim. She is also chronically ill and terminally awesome. She is the ever-lovin Momma of: - Khalid, a special little boy with autism - Iman, a special little girl with especially big hair -Musfira, an especially devious baby Spoiler, Abez is also Zeba Khan on Muslimmatters.org.

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