Abez sez Assalamualaikum!

Islam, Autism, Mom-ism.

Momma has landed

My mommy’s home. Everybody dance. 🙂

It’s T-minus 11 hours till Momma arrives, and I’ve got a rather daunting to-do list to complete before she arrives. -Make Haleem -Buy Rasmalai -Buy Flowers (necklaces as well as bouqet) -Wash Dog (she jumped into the creek yesterday and came out a shade darker and twice as smelly) -Clean Upstairs -Clean Downstairs -Clean all…

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Men’s kurtas are among the most comfortable articles of clothing in the entire world. Chai knows this, she has a kurta that belonged to her grandfather. Kurtas are soft and baggy, and when they get old they only get softer and baggier. Kurtas are the ideal hot-weather clothes for me. My father agrees, but he…

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Productivity Hurts

10 pm: It wasn’t enough today that I should clean out the refrigerator, do laundry, fit a mirror into an antique frame, make pizza dough, drive the dog to the vet, eat half of a samosa and give our neighbours a tour of the (quickly cleaned) house. I had to make a new layout too….

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The Good, the Bad, and the Goofy

There are certain time-honored traditions in every family. In ours, there’s the insult game. The rules are simple. The person who out-insults the other wins the respect and admiration of his peers as well as the right to dance around the room and yell “I win! You lose! I rule! You drool!” and such like….

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JazakAllahuKheiran & Thanks to Ahmed who made me this layout. 🙂 Not only is it easy on the eyes, but it gives me more time to come up with the ultra-Spartan and yet ultra-cool layout that I’m hoping to build sometime in the near future. I’d build it in the immediate future except that I’ve…

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Back to Basics

Every now and then I feel the need to get back to basics. Sometimes I’ll get tired of the extras in life and stop wearing my watch or any jewelry. Or I’ll get tired of cooking and eat veggies and yogurt for a few days in a row. When I get fed up with my…

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Pardon Our Dust

Blog under construction. In the mean time, enjoy some Engrish. It’s on the house.

Islamilicious Sunday: The Last Sermon

THE PROPHET MUHAMMAD’S LAST SERMON (sectioned by Amber. Hi Amber!) Responsibility of conveying the message: “O People, lend me an attentive ear, for I don’t know whether, after this year, I shall ever be amongst you again. Therefore listen to what I am saying to you carefully and TAKE THIS WORDS TO THOSE WHO COULD…

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*sniff sniff*

I’ve been home all day today with a miserable head-cold. No, the irony of having a cold when the weather is so very hot has not escaped me, but irony alone cannot save me from the sneezing, the runny nose, the blocked sinuses and the feelings of general malaise. I don’t need irony. I need…

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Beware of Expert

My father brought an expert home yesterday to fix our CD drive. I went to put a scarf on while my father led the man down to our computer. When I descended the stairs I saw the ‘expert’ staring confusedly at an error message on the screen that basically read “system file C:\windows\system\systemlog is missing…

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Love is…

Love is realizing that who you’re arguing with may be more important than what you’re arguing about, and sometimes that means letting go. It can be frustrating and sometimes the sacrifice can go unnoticed, but you know what? It’s not important that people love you so much as it’s important that you love them. That’s…

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Dream a little dream with me

Ah, blessed Saturday. I woke up at my leisure this morning, lolling about my bed in the cool basement and trying to remember what I had been dreaming about. It had something to do with a flood, and no one would let me get in their canoe. Now if you’re the kind of person who…

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William Tell Blog

Sensei Presents: A five minute blog. (cue William Tell Overture) My dad’s gone to bring the car, motorcycle and dog in for the night so I have a brief window of opportunity to steal the computer. Technically he already has dibs on it but he can’t claim it if he’s not here. Mwahahaa! Yesterday I…

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Abezistan in real-time

Real-time quotes from Abezistan. (at the kitchen sink) Me: Excuse me sir, but I need the sink for a sec. Aniraz: (steps aside) Oh? Me: I have refried beans under my nails. Aniraz: Could this have something to do with sticking your fingers in the refried beans? Me: No comment. (at student’s house) Me: Hey,…

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Holy Guacamole

One of the joys of having a site meter is that you can see what search terms people enter to find your blog. Two of the more noteworthy ones for this week are: flies bites pants Islamic militant websites list To which I answer: Whaaaa?

In the house that Jack, err…Sven built.

I had two hour nap today, and it’s all Sven’s fault. Sven is an 18-year old German boy, and if he hadn’t kept me up until three in the morning then I might not have crashed into bed at 4 pm today and woken just an hour before Maghrib. That was the nap I took…

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Changes made, html cleaned up just slightly. It’s a work in progress I spose. In the mean time, everybody go read wakeuppakistan’s most recent post. It’s better than mine. 🙂

Five things to remember about your bro/sis in Islam

For what it’s worth, the happy head-scarf crew (me, Aniraz, Chai, Maryam #4, Amber, Zainab & Iman) has decided to validate it’s weekly ‘pig out @ abez/aniraz’s house & then lay on the carpet moaning’ by giving it an Islamic theme and calling it a Halaqa. So now we have a new tradition- Islamilicious Sundays!…

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We now have DSL. Please form a congo line on the left and everybody dance. Also in tech news, I’m looking for some way to streamline the html of my blog. Benevolent and helpful volunteers may leave suggestions at will. In the mean time, I’m going to go hog-wild with the bandwidth and do something…

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Dear Blogistan, we’re all connected in the circle of errr…blogs. Which means I got this list of questions from Amir’s blog, and he in turn got it from Anju’s. And for that I thank Anju for this easy…err…interesting update. 🙂 Twentiesh Questions… 1. Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, find line…

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There are two words for ant in Urdu, chunti and chuntaa. Chunti, with the cute little ‘i’ sound on the end of it means a little ant, an inconsequential and harmless little ant that sometimes floats to the top of your chai. Chunta, with a big fat ‘AH’ sound on the end, is the kind…

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Ok folks, here’s the deal. In two or three days we’ll be getting DSL. WHEEEEEEEE!!! and Alhamdulillah. But in the mean time, I’ve run out of internet hours and don’t want to buy any more. See my dilemma?

Alright, now that we’ve voted to vote on something, we’ve got to decide on something to vote for! Any suggestions? :p

I say we put something to a vote. All in favor say aye. All opposed say Nay.


English Night rokt, naturally. Not only was there madlibs and Scrabble and stuff like that, but there was Lasagna and Kunafa and an ice-cream cake. *drool* The students are gone but the ice-cream cake remains. For how long though, I can’t say. Ice-cream cake has a short life span. Not only do pieces of it…

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