English Night rocked, naturally. Not only was there madlibs and Scrabble and stuff like that, but there was Lasagna and Kunafa and an ice-cream cake. *drool* The students are gone but the ice-cream cake remains. For how long though, I can’t say. Ice-cream cake has a short life span. Not only do pieces of it evaporate every time I pass by the freezer, but sometimes whole chunks have vanished when I check in on it every now and then. You know, just to see how it’s doing.

*wipes chocolate off of chin*

Right, where was I?

(Not in the freezer, I swear!)

*slaps self*

Anyway. Another fun part of English Night involves showing off all the neat stuff I have in my house, like the BMI Index-calculating scale. It tells you what percent of your body is fat, and then you all compare results and tease the person with the lowest amount. Good times, good times. I’m sorry to say that I’m never that person with the least amount, but at least that means I am the teaser rather than the teasee.

I just realized that this sounds like a fat blog. It’s a food blog though, that’s for sure, and I blame it on the Kunafa. It’s sending me kunafa vibes from the fridge upstairs, and I find myself inexplicably drawn towards it. I can only resist for so long.

*slaps self again*

Now I’ve gone from English Night to food to weight. Boy am I focused or what. I have five pounds to lose folks, and I need help. I started lifting weights and then I gained two pounds. Then I was distraught over the weight gain and gained another pound just to keep the other two company. Then I got out a measuring tape and realized that I had gained pounds but lost inches, and then I felt sorry for adding that last pound. Now I have to change my workout goals, because if my goal is to lose weight by lifting weight, then I’m not sure if it’ll work. Muscle mass is dense and heavier than fat, and a very muscular woman can weigh even 150 pounds and still fit in a size 8. My goal should be to lose inches by lifting weights because the increased muscle mass burns extra calories. Like ice-cream.

I’m doomed.


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