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I’m typing this letter/ blog from the comfort of… (drumroll please) Baji’s house! Mwahahaaa! I dunno if she knows we’re here yet, but it’ll be lotsa fun when she arrives later tonight. Baji’s engagement party is tomorrow, and Chai drove up to G-ma’s house to pick Owlie & I up for the party. We’ll be staying here until Sunday morning, until then we’re working on getting plenty of use out the pool table downstairs.

A note on wandering about Southern Indiana: it’s been a-mighty interesting. We’ve met lots of curious and interesting people, (Hi, I’m Brian from the Church of Christ, what church do you go to?) and seen many interesting things (the county fair serves deep-fried Oreo cookies. whaa…?) and eaten things we probably shouldn’t have: fried fish, and lots of it. Our Aunt Elaine hosted us a mini fish-fry at her river cabin with all the proper fixings- macaroni and cheese, cole-slaw, a big red dog, mosquitoes, chocolate pudding cake and southern twang. The twang makes the fish tastes better. It also makes things sound cuter, and it makes you smile to hear , “Excyooz me, y’girls mind ‘f I ask y’all bout those thangs on yer head?”

People have been very nice here, something I unfortunately cannot say about some people in other places, people who started swearing at us from across the street while at a Dunkin Donuts, people who tsk-tsk and say to us ‘Too much clothes!’ and those who have offered to lend us trench coats in case we were cold. Why else do people cover their heads except when they’re cold?

In any case, we have had a nice time here, and overall people have been very nice. Especially Chai’s mom and Baji’s mom, who offered us some snacky-wackies in the kitchen-witchen. I think we’ll have-shave some. he he…

Peace & Snacky-Wacky Grease!


The computer Chair

Living Room, Baji’s House


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