Abez sez Assalamualaikum!

Islam, Autism, Mom-ism.

Had an interesting discussion with my mother the other day about the difference in opinion between Mormonism and Islam as far as the purpose of life goes. According to Mormonism, the purpose of this life is to get the experience of having a physical, human body, because supposedly God has a human body Himself, and…

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Computer is busticated again. Aargh. I think this might be Sven’s fault again… CURSES!

People who know me will look at this layout and go: ‘Abez, what happened? You don’t even like pink flowers!!!’ Then they’ll die of disbelief. Or maybe just roll their eyes. Aniraz did anyway. I think I just needed a change. It was either this or get a drastic hair-cut. Chances are I’ll change the…

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You know how there are some annoying people who can’t leave well enough alone? Who waste alot of time trying to fix things that aren’t broken? Guess who’s working on a new layout. *teeth*

Amreekistan II: Pretty please with ketchup and cheese Setting: the US luggage inspection counter at O’Hare airport, the day of our flight home. Me: (to security officer) Excuse me, but this suitcase is torn and we didn’t notice it, do you guys think you could tape it up so it doesn’t bust open later? Officer:…

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Amreekistan Part I: Snot snot snot, I’ve got a lot.

This, folks, is the beginning of the scatter-braindedest travelogue that ever was, and ever will be. For I, Abez, will not be recounting my vacation in chronological order, but rather, by subject, and nuts to sequence. Amreekistan Part I: Snot snot snot, I’ve got a lot. Of all the exciting places I saw in the…

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Got home about five minutes ago. I’ll blog as soon as I’ve had something to eat. In the mean time, have a seat. he he

Packing, shopping, packing, shopping, packing, shopping, panic. Notice how ‘shower’ doesn’t seem to fit in there. It’s sad when other people ask if you’ve had a bath. *sniff sniff*

Guess who has a new obsession. Okay, maybe it’s not an obsession, maybe it’s just a wanna-be obsession, because you can’t be obsessed with something you don’t have yet, right? I dunno, you tell me. Some people may say that DDR is just a game, well they’re wrong. If Playstation says it’s a game then…

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I’m being a bad blogger, and I know it. *hangs head* It’s not that there’s nothing exciting going on, or that I don’t have anything to say, but I simply don’t have the time to sit down at the computer for more than half-hour increments, time enough only to check my email and give brief…

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Backstage at ICU Baji’s engagement party. Explanation and reviews coming soon to a blog near you.