I had my first MRI today. I’m sure they probably make pretty advanced MRI’s somewhere back in the first world, but I bet they don’t make ’em with techno music! And train sounds! Yep. I spent 45 minutes in a plastic tube, with my head very firmly harnessed strapped, and foamed in place, and the machine made a thump, thump, thump, thump and something else went zee, zee, zee, zee and the scan itself made two distinct noises, one like a death-ray from an old sci-fi movie, pra-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a and another that was like the sound your manual car makes when you grind the gears. (not that I do that often, oh no…) Basically, it sounded like this.

Ok, maybe not exactly like that, but after 45 minutes of loud mechanical sounds, I started hearing techno-sounds, and then I tried to figure out lyrics, and before I knew it, I was sliding out of the machine again. Then they had to give me a shot that would make my brain glow in the dark. They *said* it was to create an MRI with contrast, but what they meant was: “we’re gonna make some parts of your brain glow so that other parts don’t and then we can see more parts.” See, I speak medical-ese.

I was only supposed to get one shot, but because I was fasting and slightly dehydrated, they had a hard time finding a vein. Which is a first, because normally my veins stand out on my skin like interstate highways on a roadmap, and technicians are delighted to poke me. So I got poked several times before a vein was located and the appropriate amount of day-glo could be injected.

The MRI will be ready to pick up on Monday evening, a time after which I will have to borrow Chai’s digicam, and maybe even her USB cord in order to provide you’all will pictures of me brains.

Btw, I would like to make a disclaimer. I was talking to Hemmie on the phone a few minutes ago, and apparently I am sick, or depressing, or something. To Hemmie luv and anyone else who may be worried, don’t worry. I feel fine, and the extent of the effect the meds/silly brains have had on me are the same as sleep deprivation. I walk into walls all the time when I’m sleepy, honest. Alhamdulillah, la vie est good. I don’t want anyone worrying. It doesn’t accomplish anything. You should all be like Junjun and just send me donuts instead. *teeth*


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