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In yet another futile attempt to get diurnal, I went to bed at 11:30 this evening. Imagine my dismay when I began waking up around 2:30. I tried to fight it and pretend like I was happily sleeping, but it didn’t work. No matter how firmly I told myself that I was sleepy, I couldn’t make it. I never got to see the end of that dream with the piranha teeth. I was using them as a pair of scissors. This is not wholly outlandish. Natives along the Amazon River used the toothy-fish jaws as scissors for hundreds of years, and when foreign missionaries brought scissors, the locals appropriately called them ‘piranhas.’ National Geographic is responsible for that dream.

I also woke up with a serious peanut-butter jones. My brain cued the Pink Panther song and I snuck upstairs and made myself a sandwich, but I didn’t get a glass of milk because the fridge is broken. It won’t cool anymore, we might as well be keeping the mayonnaise in the cabinet. Our milk is super heat-treated and tetra-packed and processed in hundreds of ways to give it long life and funny taste, but to keep it from smelling mashqooq (suspicious), someone put it in the freezer. So I could have had a plate of milk, but not necessarily a glass of it to go with my dry and gluey sandwich. Now I need a shoehorn to pry my jaws apart.

(Tangent: once I bit a Wheetabix without milk. I almost died. Try it! It’s insane!)

It’s very tragic, really, not having refrigeration. It’s such a blessing, Alhamdulillah, to be able to store foods that would otherwise go bad almost immediately. We have an unopened liter of milk, but if I took the top off now I’d have to drink the whole thing (or die trying) so that it didn’t spoil. Same with eggs. They would have to be cooked and eaten within a day or two, or only bought one at a time. Not convenient.

Hopefully, Insha’Allah, the repair guy will be available even though tomorrow is Friday. If not, I’m thinking of putting everything that hasn’t spoiled (yet) into a laundry basket and setting it on the back porch. It might freeze there, but at least it won’t get smelly. And we can defrost it later if the dog hasn’t tipped it over and eaten everything. Never mind the laundry basket, maybe I should find a safe.


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