so much for being diurnal…

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Possibly try again tomorrow. I tried to get on schedule yesterday, but it didn’t work. Tonight I made the resolution to get to bed before midnight, but when I realized I was still awake at 2:30, I gave up the charade and went to work on uploading Vora’s layout. I had to break it first though, because I tend to make at least one huge mistake per layout that doesn’t show until I’ve uploaded and published the page on blogger, a time when I then realize that I misaligned one of the columns and the shoutbox is resting somewhere south of the equator when it should be at the North Pole. Yes, those are technical terms. Yes, I eventually fixed the problem.

So it’s 5:33 am and I have no new mail and no one on my buddy list. The dog was awake until about half an hour ago. I know this because she had stuck her face in the basement window from the outside and whined at me. I let her out for a run around the lawn. As unconditional as a dog’s love it, the company isn’t very good though.

Hi Woofadar, isn’t the sky beautiful tonight?


That ring around the moon is called a corona, and it has nothing to do with beer at all.

*snuffles floor*

Do you ever wonder about the sky, dog-face?

*stares blankly*

Good dog.

*wags tail*

Fajr begins in about half an hour, and once I’ve prayed I’ll be ready to sleep. I’ll only get about three hours worth though, because I’m supposed to accompany my Momma to a Scrabble/Tea/Shmooze luncheon that begins at 10:30. (Crayon, are you coming?) I’ll have to pretend to be both witty and awake, something I’ll should manage alright so long as the sleep deprivation doesn’t make me nauseous. I have another option though. I could choose not to go, which would make my Momma vanquish me when she got home, but I would still have to wake up. The real-estate agent who’s working on the deal for the house and Chez Daddy is coming over tomorrow at 1:30 or 2-ish, and it does have to be reasonably clean. Not perfectly, just reasonably. I could wake up closer to noon and still have the house looking cheerful, but then I’d miss out on the lavish lunch that this Scrabble group always does.

It’s 5:43 now. Yay! The first of the azhans has just been called! I love that about Pakistan, how you always know when it’s prayer time because when it is, the azhan is called. No consulting prayer charts, no wondering in Ramadan whether it’s really Maghrib yet. I love living in a Muslim country. But hey, even if you don’t, you can still hear the azhan with this cool program! Enjoy!


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