Abez sez Assalamualaikum!

Islam, Autism, Mom-ism.

For a while we lived with people,but we saw no sign in them of the faithfullness we wanted.It’s better to hide completely withinas water hides in metal, as fire hides in a rock. -Rumi

Beware of Oud

Here we are, coming to you live from yet another net cafe in Sharjah where I am surrounded by people speaking the national language, this according to Knicq bhai, being not Arabic, but Malayalam. hehe I don’t know where to start. There are zillions of things to blog about, but I don’t know how to…

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explain thyself

The poem titled ‘From the Homely Brother’ was not written to be overtly sexual or deliberately offensive, but to explain behavior that is so often misunderstood by people- he doesn’t look at her, he must think men are better than women. He walks in front of her, what does he think he is, superior? He…

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For we have thought the longer thoughts And gone the shorter way.And we have danced to devil’s tunes Shivering home to pray;To serve one master in the night, Another in the day. — Ernest Hemingway


From the Homely Brother

I want you too much to take youAnd cherish you too much to cheapenSo sister accept my distanceAnd watch my love slowly deepen I am but one man among manyWho longingly thinks to savorYour warmth, your eyes, your smile, And wonder at its flavor My place among them is commonOf merits, I cannot boastBut sister…

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