Abez sez Assalamualaikum!

Islam, Autism, Mom-ism.

Suggardh with a capital Sugg

Being a sensitive technical procedure, pancake production can be adversely affected by multiple factors- the size of the pan, the size of the burner beneath the pan, the type of the spatula, and the qualification of the pancake engineer. It is therefore necessary to generate a few pre-meal proto-types- a few little ones to account…

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I’m baaAAaaaack!

Back from running amok in married-land. Will update soon, going out for dinner now. 🙂 Peace & Biryani Grease!-Mrs. Abez


LB: Gaaaah! RB: Wheeee! LB: Wait, let’s try that again. RB: Ok. Ready, count of three. One, two- LB: WHEE! RB: GAAAH! LB: This isn’t working. RB: Wait, are we excited or are we stressed out? I can’t remember. LB: Well we’re obviously excited. Lookit the stupid grin on the face. You see that? That’s…

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