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An Ode

How shall I update? Let me count the ways. I shall update about the man in the white paper hat, a butcher. Oh how he sternly, how resolutely he worked, jaw firmly set, eyes focused straight ahead upon the task at hand, until the side of lamb he was weighing dropped wetly onto the floor…

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Married Life: This is what happens when you marry yourself

I made HF’s glasses into the bed last week. Really. I tucked them neatly beneath the topsheet and the fitted sheet and then I threw the comforter over top of it all. Then I couldn’t find his glasses, because I hadn’t made them into the bed on purpose. No, because that would be foolish. I…

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New Muslim Burnout: Dealing with bitterness

I have an article in Muslim Link, and it has typos, hehe. I first saw Nicole in December of 2000. She was a Christian then, but very interested in Islam and Muslims- in what we stood for and how we chose to do so. She was full of enthusiasm, eager to learn and willing to…

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UAE Internet Service Affected

Dubai, UAE- Internet traffic in the UAE is being affected after a submarine cable linking Mumbai and Penang was cut by gargantuan rampaging lobsters with wire cutters yesterday, taking out four of Etisalat’s 19 links. E-Company marketing manager Farooq Hasan said broadband customers who use the net for gaming and peer-to-peer applications will be most…

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