Abez sez Assalamualaikum!

Islam, Autism, Mom-ism.

La hawla wa la quwwata illa billah

“Whatever of Mercy (i.e. of good), Allah may grant to mankind, none can withhold it, and whatever He may withhold, none can grant it thereafter. And He is the All-Mighty, the All-Wise.” (Qur’an, 35:2) The Qur’an states that if God wills something for you, no one can withhold it, and if God chooses to withhold…

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What the Muslim world needs is more chapatti

There’s a tv channel called QTV- Qur’an tv- upon which there’s a sort of ‘ask the scholar’ type of program. People call in with their problems and a learned man sitting off-camera advises them. Yesterday’s program was rather interesting. Woman caller: I have a problem with my son, he’s not disobedient, but he sleeps all…

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We now return you to your regularly scheduled apartment

Well, I’m back home in ze apartment again, sleeping in my own bed and coughing germs onto my very own husband. Ah, the comforts of home. My three-day fever being over, I’ve moved on to tackling my five-day cough. It sounds pretty gross, really, and is not at all the debonair vocalization that one comes…

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It’s been a long ole while

What have I been up to lately? Well, at the moment I’m under quarantine. Momma, Owlie and I are ill and keeping each other company with flu germs. HF has gently and tactfully suggested I enjoy the Chateau for as long as I like.. and am infectious, hehe. I suggested he come and visit me,…

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You know, for a while I broke my blog? hehe