Abez sez Assalamualaikum!

Islam, Autism, Mom-ism.

We are the champions, my friend…

When they ask whether you’re ready to be a parent, what they really mean is, “Do you know any lullabies?” Apart from the weirdly morbid “Rock a bye-baby” and a few lines of “Go to Sleep,” that were reworded to sing at summer camp, it turns out that I am sadly lacking in the lullaby…

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The Husband Files: Insert rimshot here.

Me: (pointing to pile of shirts) The room is a mess and it’s all your fault, we live in squalor! HF: No, we live in the UAE.

The Baby Files: One Month, Alhamdulillah

If you went to an electronics store and the salesman tried to sell you an expensive piece of equipment that came with no manual, required round the clock maintenance and would not perform anything except very basic functions for the next three years, would you buy it? And yet we have children, because they are…

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Ook, ook?

Good news: I’m wearing a pair of my old jeans. Bad news: I can’t feel my legs. I am, at the moment, 25 pounds away from my previous weight and I don’t feel intimidated by the challenge. I have rediscovered an old superpower- I am the Captain of My Stomach. My position as Captain was…

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Two Minute Blog: My son the lethal weapon.

Yesterday BebeFace sneezed with the pacifier in his mouth. Rather, the pacifier had been in his mouth until it was shot out at a dangerously high velocity, landing on the opposite side of the bed. Apart from devious and well-aimed peeing skills, my son has now developed the ability to launch projectiles. My boy.