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I gawts thawts!

Hey hey! I’m here! And I’m donut powered! Props to Owlie and blueberry cake donuts!

I’m feeling much better than I have in a long ole while- the move was chaotically busy as well as physically taxing. Bebeface of course realized that we were moving, so he decided to work harder- at being demanding. I have never tried to move while also minding a bebe. It’s Difficult. I capitalized that D on purpose.

And then the day before yesterday I gave myself minor food poisoning. I call it Chicken Fingers. It’s what happens when you cut and prepare chicken and the germs get on your fingers and somehow your fingers transfer the germs to your stomach, which then goes into a state of violent political upheaval and nationwide strike to protest the incursion of foreign elements.

I was in bed all day except for when I was in the bathroom. I woke up the next morning feeling miserable and desperate and worse, so I reached into my bedside table drawer, found a blister pack of amoxicillin left over from my wisdom tooth removal and popped one in my mouth. Yes, all of my doctor friends will scold me for dosing myself with antibiotics, and HF pulled my ear and glared at me, and yes, amoxicillin is typically for ENT and uncomplicated skin infections, but it’s also sometimes used to treat stomach ulcers caused by the baceria H. Pylori, so I figured that its presence in my politically unstable stomach couldn’t go completely unnoticed. Then I went back to sleep for another six hours.

And woke up feeling like a newer, less toxic man. And today I moved some boxes around, finished up a design project, found out I have another one lined up (Alhamdulillah!) and met Owlie for donuts at the City Center. And now I have thawts! As well as the ability to keep food down! SubhanAllah, health is such a blessing!

Bebeface is six months old now, and I don’t know where the time went. Honestly. One day he’s this little pink blob, the next he’s a big, chubby, heavy, cooing, impossibly cute bundle of giggles and spitbubbles and cramming of slobbery fingers into my mouth. His mouth too, but he’s realized that I have a mouth and it’s a great place to hold on. He calls for attention and then revels in it, he bounces himself u and down in laps, and even bestows slobbery bebe-kisses on me. Only one other person has been honored with a bebe-kiss, and that’s Lil Grey. Khalid’s version of a kiss is to smile and then grab you by the face with both hands, and then press his mouth into your cheek. And it makes him exceedingly happy. It’s not a ‘Hi mom, lemme suck on your cheek,’ it’s definitely a kiss, and it’s definitely reserved for when he’s happy and content.

And then when he’s not happy there’s the ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma of ‘momma, help!’ or the bbbbbb of the self-defense raspberry. A good indicator of whether Khalid’s nose is being cleaned is whether he’s blowing raspberries- when I poke a q-tip up there he frowns and goes BBBBBBB with such force that if the q-tip were in his mouth it would have been shot across the room.

And then there’s the singing- Khalid sings. He does opera, mostly. He fills the new halls with aaaaaahs and oooohs and waaa waaa waaaas that he enjoys immensely. He experiments with volume, he smiles, and out of his gummy, wet mouth comes an ear-shattering EEEEEEE that might be B-minor, or more likely, EEEEE-major. hehe. My son could shatter glass.

Also, he could probably eat whole chickens. Well, he would if he knew what they were. MashaAllah, Khalid is in the 95th percentile for his height and weight, which means that’s he’s bigger than 95 percent of other kids his age. Which, for me, means an aching back, but muscle definition on my arms comparable to when I used to lift weights, and for Khalid, it means comments from guests like, “Whoa, Olympic sized!” and Hbiddy‘s hysterical “Oh my God, that baby is huge!”

(Also, “What an adorable one year old!”)

You know, it’s interesting seeing how people who haven’t been around babies react to Bebeface. I’ve heard questions that immediately mark the questioner as complete baby-amateur, like “Wow, he’s 3/4th Pakistani and 1/4th white, so what does he call you?”

(Well, he’s four months old, so he mostly just calls me waaaanh.)

“Cute kid, so what language does he speak?”

(He’s a baby, he speaks all languages and they all sound like crying.)

And then there are the exciting babysitting tactics from people who have never babysat before. A group of family friends (we shall call them ‘The Four A’s) consisting of three very cool dudes and one very cool chick were left to their own devices with Khalid for all of ten minutes. I returned to find the baby strangely quiet. The dudes were sticking small balls of tape onto Khalid’s hands, feet and clothing. Khalid thought the crinkly sounds were fantastic. I give that new game a nine out of ten, and it loses one point only for not taping Khalid’s arms and legs to each other.

So yeah, Bebeface rocks, but I currently stink. I am a Ramadan nothing this year. But I’ll blog about that next time. It’s 11:50 right now and Bebeface has just gone to sleep. I’m going to run and do grown-up things like wash my face and maybe reply to my email.

Peace & Chikken Grease! And Ramadan Kareem!

I’m here!

But now I’m going there. House is abt 60% unpacked. Bizzy. Off to Chateau for some R&R. peace & chikken grease.

Really, Truly Wireless

Wireless, and wirelessless. No wires and no wireless. The wireless internet router is being packed in a few min, and I have awoken at 7:30 in the morning to check my email before that happens. Junkie Me.

It’s mostly Khalid’s fault. He’s lying on the one remaining carpet behind me and cooing at the same blue dog that, ahem, attacked him yesterday, so I guess he’s forgiven both of us. 😉

See y’all on the other side!

Internet over & out!

Mortal Wounds: The next generation

There’s nothing funny about pain, but the look on Bebe’s face (brow wrinkled, lower lip protruding) followed by the offended little ‘meep!’ noise that he made when I accidentally beaned him in the face with Blue- that was funny. That was very, very funny.

I must be a horrible mother, because once when the cell phone I had been trying to hold between my ear and my shoulder slipped and bounced off of Bebe’s forehead, I couldn’t help but notice how his wide-open eyes and perfectly o-shaped mouth made him look like a surprised little coconut- and I laughed.

On a separate note: the moving and packing is about 80% complete, and we are now left with one mattress, a fridge, a washer, a stove, a kitchen and two bathrooms. There will be one last installment of work and then we should be shifted into the new house completely, InshaAllah. So if updates are few and far between these days, it’s because I’m currently busy reigning over the Kingdom of Dustbunnies in Cardboardland.

quantity over quality, yeah baybee

I’m in the process of customizing this template, which of course means accidentally making the text in the ‘About Me’ section blue so that no one can read it. Oh yeah, I meant to do that…yessss…

And I would finish customizing it, but reality calls. It sez, “FOLD THE LAUNDRY!” and “WE WANT TEA!” and “I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S NOT BUTTER!”

Reality is a strange place. Oh and last night, I did something I never ever thought I could, and according to Momma, HF, and LilGrey, never ever should. I removed my own stitches. I had two stitches inside of my mouth from last week’s removal of a wisdom tooth (Abez: Now with 50% less wisdom!) and thanks to a pair of tweezers and a pair of scissors, I now have none. Admittedly, the idea gave me the heebie-jeebies for about ten minutes before I gave the stitches an experimental tug. That was relatively painless, so I gave them a snip and they practically fell out.

What was painful though, was the way HF grabbed me by the ear after he caught me. You know how your mom does that when she’s scolding you? Hehe.

Yeah, that may be one of the weirdest things I’ve ever done.

Also, this may be one of the most random blogs I’ve ever written. Owlie is back! Hooray! And she brought me a DDR pad! And I was up until 2 am last night stomping away! And I am w00t! w00t I say, w00t!

By Abez, The End.