Abez sez Assalamualaikum!

Islam, Autism, Mom-ism.

Eid Mubarak! Here’s a Husbandfile

Me: Waleed, – (mumble mumble mumble) – HF: What? I can’t hear what you said so I’m just going to make something up. No Abez, I don‘t believe you can talk to dolphins. Me: Oh boy… 😀

Fresh from the Poultry Farm

Carseat Lullabye Cuts and bruises, bruises and scarsThat we got from toying with other carsWhen the road was more than enough to shareAnd really, they could have gone anywhereRather than both try to fill the same spotOn a Tuesday so tired when the road was so hotAnd the glass was all glittery there on the…

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The Mouse is in da HOUSE!

And apparently it enjoys playing with Bebeface’s toys

The Husbandfiles: I married a tech guy?

We interrupt this Ramadan introspection with a late-breaking Husbandfile. Me: We need to do something about the front gate, there’s no way to see behind it when somone rings the bell. I could be opening the door for anyone. We need to put one of those little peep-hole thingies in. HF: No, all we need…

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Ramadan or the Lack Thereof, Part I

Once upon a time, Ramadan was really, really sacred. Owlie and I read Qur’an aloud each night, broke our fast on as little food possible, had reasonably small dinners and felt light and alive and grateful. This Ramadan is hugely disappointing, I feel like a Ramadan Failure. I’m not fasting because I need to nurse…

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