Green Eggs, Citizen Journalism, and Ham.

I came across an article the other day that made reference to “citizen journalism,” a phenomenon so powerful that news conglomerates and spin doctors could no longer cover up unsavory events. Try as they may to keep things hidden, news gets out because somewhere, someone blogs about it. I find that both a little reassuring and a lotta scary- reassuring because however small, and however obscured by blogs about the dog and why I hate the girl at my office, the public still has a voice.

What’s a little scary though, is that the media is so unreliable and hopelessly twisted by political and private slants that we only know what they want us to know, and even when we find out, they distract us with pretty pictures and colored lights and we forget our indignation and buy iPods and move on. (Oooh, shiny!)

HF and I own a second-hand iPod btw, it’s fantastic for listening to ibooks in the car. Living in the UAE means living in traffic alot. Moving on-

So in the spirit of (hemhem) Citizen Journalism, I would like to pretend like my blog is a news forum and throw out a question- Would you carpool? I’ve started freelancing for papers here, and in the spirit of the recent focus on how very badly the traffic in Dubai stinks, I’m supposed to be writing up on how to fix the problem instead of just whining about it.

So, would you carpool?

Would you, could you, carpool?

Would you carpool from your house?
Would you carpool with a louse?

I would not carpool from my house.
I would not carpool with a louse.
I would not carpool from the docks.
I would not carpool in my socks.
I would not carpool here or there.
I would not carpool anywhere.
I would not carpool, Sam-I-Am
Not even in your new Grand Am.



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