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Werkin it

Or at the very least, werkin. There are four more days until HF returns, and I’ve found that the best way to make time go faster is to attach it to a deadline. See, if I focus on HF’s return alone for the 29th, then time drags its feet and twiddles it thumbs and dawdles…

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You’ll understand when you get married and have kids

HF has been internationally away for the last 11 days, and top of that, Khalid choked on a carrot today. Yes, these two are related. Today Bebeface swallowed a huge piece of carrot at dinner and started gasping for breath. I picked him up, turned him over and slapped him on the back repeatedly before…

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Mortal Wounds: Conflict and Resolution

Abez Presents: How to Mortally Wound Yourself with Lunch Step1: Make Tuna Corn Chowder yesterday(recipe will follow at bottom of post)Step2: Reheat bowl of Tuna Corn Chowder in microwave, set on one minute.Step3: After one minute, take the chowder out to stir it, so that it heats evenly. Step4: Put spoon into chowderStep5: Be attacked…

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