Abez sez Assalamualaikum!

Islam, Autism, Mom-ism.

2:30 am- Momma said there’d be days like this

Well, actually, she didn’t, but that’s ok. Momma equipped me with resourcefulness as well as coping skills, so the fact that Khalid is wide awake and drumming his heels against his high chair doesn’t phase me much. Because I’m eating icecream. Five minutes ago though, it was getting to me quite alot, as I was…

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Bebe’s first Poem

Bap Bap BapSaid the babyWith the raisinsIn his lap

This is why God made babies cute

Last night was another interesting night, rather than nurse Khalid to sleep I tried the ‘crying it out in arms’ approach, which basically involved him screaming his little self tired- in my arms. Someone posted a link to this in the comments of one of the crying it out posts, and I’m not sure who…

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The Bebefiles: Crying it Out- Success and the Lack Thereof

Well, the past three days have been hectic. Picking up where we left off- Night Before HF gets here- Bebeface cries it out for an hour and forty minutes, only to wake up two hours later and then be up and down all night as usual. That is very discouraging. Night HF gets home- Bebeface…

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The Bebefiles: Crying it Out Part IV

Well, last night was a mixture of both failure and success- Khalid cried for over an hour, and when I went to check on him (as I had been doing every fifteen minutes or so) I found him lying on the floor again- hands cold, feet cold, face cold, shuddering and whimpering. So I threw…

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The Bebefiles: Crying it Out Part III

JazakAllah to everyone for the encouragement. Last night’s missing post was due to technical probs, and a guy from Etisalat had to come over today to fix a wire inside the wall so now we’re up and running again. Yesterday, before putting Khalid down for his nightly crying session, I set out to build the…

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The Bebefiles: Crying it out- Part II

Yesterday, after Khalid’s hour and five minute crying jag, he once again slept for five hours. Five lovely, uninterrupted hours, Alhamdulillah. It’s 10:40 right now, and he’s been crying since ten o’clock. He’s definitely winding down, and I peeked in on him a second ago- he’s laying face down on the bed, he raises his…

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The Bebefiles: Crying it Out- Part I

So once upon a time there was an impossibly cute (MashaAllah) but horribly scheduled son of mine, whose unruly sleep habits have been the only (but rather large) down side to motherhood. He wakes every 40 minutes, night or day, to feed, and drives me rather batty with sleep deprivation. Everyone and their mother tells…

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In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight

Bebeface is sleeping, shh! type quietly! My lil Brother emailed me about a month ago, and since he’s not the communicative type, it was one of only a handful of emails he’s sent me in the last six months. I would love to reply, but so far I haven’t been able to. I’ve sat down…

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