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Islam, Autism, Mom-ism.

The Bebefiles: One Year!!?

It’s 10:23, and Bebeface is asleep, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah. Of course, yesterday he insisted on staying up until 4:30 am, and the night before that, 3, and the days following those long nights tend to be fuzzy and a little disoriented, but hey, SubhanAllah, it’s all good. 🙂 Khalid cruised by the one-year mark a week…

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Five Minute Update at 3 AM

I need a new layout! *pout* I made Baji a new layout, and I made Ushi a new layout, and if anyone else wants a new layout, I will make you one for a random cash amount if I ever set my paypal up… but who will make me a new layout? This one’s not…

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Possibly one of the more interesting evenings spent shopping

There is no way to describe how hysterically funny as well as deliciously relaxing it is to sit in a showroom massage chair (The OTOCare Deluxe, only 6,500dhs!) with the foot rest up and the remote control in Bebeface’s hands. I laughed until my stomach hurt while being massaged randomly by Khalid’s ham-fisted grip on…

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five second update

Blog: A work in progress. Bebe: Anti-sleep as usual, but also outputting cuteness at such intense levels as to nearly counter my sleep deprivation. Life: Alhamdulillah, Good. 🙂 Work: Yes! I actually have enough projects coming my way that I can choose which ones I want to do; SubhanAllah, what a luxury! HF: MIA: Spending…

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Sleep Deprivation = Insomnia?

Alhadulillah, Alhamdulillah, Khalid is asleep. He’s been asleep since 10:15 (it’s 1 am now) and he’s woken up about five times since then (don’t ask, God knows why) and this is the point where you scream at me and ask WHY THE HECK AREN’T YOU SLEEPING TOO!? Umm. Well. I can’t sleep. I’ve been having…

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