Abez sez Assalamualaikum!

Islam, Autism, Mom-ism.

There’s a little boy in my bed!

Oh wait, that’s my son… Khalid had his first hair cut yesterday, and in a process that resembled a temper-tantrum with a beard-trimmer, he cried, raged, and fussed his way to a snappier, more grown-up ‘do. Short on the sides, longer on top, his crazy silly over-the-ear curls have been replaced with neat number-one sideburns….

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UmmahFilms.com- you must seeee!

This guy- Ali, he does video blogs, and if you miss these, you’re missing the funniest thing to hit the Muslim media, possibly ever. Props to Ali, you guys gotta see this.

I should be staring at the carpet instead…

It’s a little odd for me, praying in public places, because I stand up for qiyaam and ruku, but I need a chair for sujjood. The ligaments in my right knee have been painfully troublesome ever since the accident in October, and if I pray sitting on the ground, my knee hurts so bad I…

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Post-Partum Depression & I

There are a few mommy-related blogs that I’ve been meaning to type, one of them is on post-partum depression, or PPD. There’s an interesting generational/cultural gap that exists where PPD is concerned- traditionally speaking, in the Pakistani culture, there is no such thing. (Wateezdiss, pee-pee-dee? After your baby is born you’re supposed to be miserable!)…

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Welcome to the world little doll!

We interrupt this lack of updating to welcome baby H, the long-awaited conclusion to Mona’s Baby Story blog. If you haven’t been reading it, you’ve missed out on a sweet and funny account of Mona’s pregnancy, and very soon, H’s birth. I’ve not spoken to Mona yet (as she was slightly unavailable) but did speak…

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Stupid Musical Snail!

This post is dedicated to the smiling musical snail, who ambushed me while I was trying to tiptoe away from Khalid as he napped- it leapt out in front of me (pretty quickly for a snail I might add) so that I struck it with my toe, triggering the flashing lights and the Row Row…

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Beware of Nocturnal Baby

We’re playing the sleep deprivation game again. Today I woke Khalid up at 10 am, rather early considering his bedtimes for the last week and a half have been around Fajr. And I feel all wobbly and tired, but gosh darnit we are not staying nocturnal! -zonk-