Abez sez Assalamualaikum!

Islam, Autism, Mom-ism.

Bring on the Lasers!

AssalamuAlaikum peeples I am very sorry to be so tardy w/the hijab post, but I have knee surgery in the morning and a few more days can’t be helped. In the mean time, please remember me in your duas for a successful operation and a speedy recovery InshaAllah. Peace & Chikken Grease!-Abez

Overworked, and for once, overpaid :)

A week, I need another week to wrap a few projects up, and then I can sit down and properly blog. But in the time, how about some blogletts? A brief update: Bebeface is taking his first wobbly steps on his own, and his fantastic new mobility means dire things for my paper lamp, the…

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Chai, the sequel!

It is fitting that this ultra-brief recap of Chai’s layover in the UAE be typed when I am sleepy- Chai had no less than two naps in the same afternoon, and consumed no less than a thousand jellybeans and defeated us in Scrabble by no less than a million points. And we shopped, but we…

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