Abez sez Assalamualaikum!

Islam, Autism, Mom-ism.


So I spent another night in the hospital, as the doctors tend to recommend that you do when you’re in early labor. And then we escaped. And then today we went back for our CTG appointment, and the doctors again said, you’re in early labor and strongly recommended we stay. And you know what we…

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Hooray for Baskin Robbins

And for HF who brought me a whole gallon of Dutch Chocolate to begin with. We’re home from two nights in the hospital, but we still seem to be pregnant. *checks enormous stomach* Yep, definitely still pregnant. In what may be a perfectly normal but seriously frustrating experience in childbearing, we’ve been in early labor…

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So apparently I did get to attend the henna and the wedding, and now that we’re done running amok all over the emirates, we may have some good news shortly InshaAllah. 😉

The waiting game

If I just *pretend* that the baby is due this weekend, maybe I can attend the two weddings and two henna parties I’ve been invited to in the next two days, starting today. Right! Okay! Off we go, to a mehndhi! (If anyone needs me, I’ll be the guest that looks like a cannon ball…

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Post number 600: A note on zombies…

Yes, this really is my 600th post, and yes, it really is going to be about zombies. I used to play video games, and for some odd reason, that involved fighting alot of zombies. I’m not sure why the manufacturers of these games are so caught up in vanquishing zombies- it’s not like the real…

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The Husbandfiles: My Hero :)

I have nightmares pretty often these days as my sleeping brain tries to make its own explanation up for why we’re in pain. Though the real reason is full-term pregnancy, my brain thinks it’s zombies. Our stomach hurts not because we have indigestion, but because the zombies got us. Our legs hurt not because of…

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test post


Attention Nature: Khalid bites back!

I *was* about to put all three of us (Khalid & Mystery Bean and I) down for a much-needed nap, except we experienced a slight detour on the way to the bedroom, where Khalid discovered, and promptly attempted to eat, a live beetle. And I, in all the grossness that is being the Momma of…

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Nature: IT’s OUT TO GET ME!

First of all, a word about the bees. After my last post, I crawled into bed, pulled the covers up to my ears and went to sleep. I woke up about an hour later with HF tucking the blankets around me and and whispering, “There are no bees, shhh, go back to sleep.” I drifted…

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