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Are we a superhero yet?

I would like to believe that my home is a warm and inviting place, but I would prefer to believe that has nothing to do with my resident population of spiders. Really. Big. Spiders.

To be fair, there’s only been one so big I remember it in capital letters, but I digress- the Really Big Spider was just the big slow goon in the mafia of creepy, crafty, smaller spiders who are trying to muscle their way on to my turf. And they bite.

I would like to believe that the four spider bites on my arm are in no way connected to contact with actual live spiders, because I don’t know if I could handle the realization that there were at least four spiders on my arm last night, or maybe one spider with impulse problems and four lapses of self control located between my wrist and my elbow- I don’t know. I don’t want to know. What I do want to know is- when do I get my super powers? I think I may have missed out on something here, because Spiderman only had to get bitten once, and I’m guessing that his one lil radioactive nibble didn’t itch half as much as the four non-nuclear bright red dots on my arm.

If I’m going to have spiders crawling on me, I might as well have super powers.


I’m not sure what Peter Parker had been up to when he was bitten, so I’m not sure what sort of radiation I should be trying to bask in. However, I do know that all it takes is some sort of energy field.

If the spiders need me, I’ll be in the microwave.

An Update to end all Updates

Once upon a time I joined Facebook, but only because Owlie made me. She did so by insisting that I visit her page to see her pictures rather than make her email them to me as attachments.

So later upon a time, after I had joined and gone through the various stages:

  1. Denial (I don’t need a profile, I’m not really here!)
  2. Acceptance (Ok, I’ll fill in the box that asks for my gender…)
  3. Falling Into It Face-first (WHEE!)

I am now at a point where I’m finding my old high school friends. Bear in mind that it’s been Ten Whole Years (henceforth referred to as TWY) since I graduated, so when people ask me where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to, I gots alot of explaining to do.

So here, dear Facebook world, is what I’ve been up to since highschool, in blog form, and in case anyone else asks, just send them the link. Thanks.

Having graduated from high school with both High Honors and Delusions of Grandeur, I enrolled in the School of Hard Knocks, courses in which have led me through adventures in journalism, English teaching, and now, Graphic Design, PR and Corporate Communications. Basically, I speaka da English, and using my trusty Lappy 486, I maka pretty stuff.

At some point, I met and proposed to (yes, I proposed) to the funniest, sweetest, most eccentric goofball of a husband-HF, and three years and two criminally adorable children later, I live in the United Arab Emirates.

Along the way, I have also managed to:

-Successfully serve my appendix an eviction notice
-Busticate my knee in a car accident

Currently I am:

– Huffing and puffing my way through Shotokan classes with HF
– Working as a consultant
– Eating watermelon

That about covers it for me.

So, what have you been up to for the last ten years?

Hello World

I am a wonderful little test