Abez sez Assalamualaikum!

Islam, Autism, Mom-ism.

Can’t stop progress!

Yesterday Iman discovered her right foot. Today she discovered she could chew it. Ah, they grow up so fast…

If HF asks, tell him I was typing in my sleep…

HF is asleep, Khalid is asleep, Iman is asleep- why then am I awake? Because it’s hard to eat chocolate cereal in your dreams, that’s why. So my bowl of chocolate cereal and I are here to share our continuing adventures in dental destiny. On Wednesday, I dutifully submitted to the dentist- a nice man…

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*hangs head, drags feet*

You know that feeling when you’re a kid- when your mom calls you and you don’t want to come, but you know you have to, so you hang your head and drag your feet and shuffle towards her mumbling ‘Okay moooom.’ HF is on his way to pick me up right now. We’re going to…

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Wouldja like to take a sur-vay?

AssalamuAlaikum Every Mc Bodies who may still occasionally come to my blog. 🙂 A friend of mine is compiling information on Muslim eating habits in Ramadan for an article, and needs help. Can you please fill out this one-page survey? JazakAllahuKheiran! Up Next: RAMADAN IS COMING!! YAY!

The Husbandfiles: Moral Dental Support

HF: You’re having your wisdom teeth removed on Wednesday, right? Me: Yeah, the last two. HF: So now you’ll be as dumb as everyone else, hunh? Me: Do you have any wisdom teeth? HF: Lots of ’em.

Nap time, take two-

Khalid, who is laying under my desk and pulling on my toes as I type this, is overdue for his nap. He would have been asleep already, had it not been for his iron determination to be awake. Half an hour ago we did the whole nap thing- we had lunch and then went to…

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