Abez sez Assalamualaikum!

Islam, Autism, Mom-ism.


Khalid’s favorite word in the entire world: OKAY! This is how it’s used. Locate a random item. Find your mother. Hand it to her. Grin expectantly. Mom sez Thank You! and Khalid sez OKAY! and wanders off to find another item. (Last week I ended up with a pile of shoes in my arms, six…

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The Husbandfiles: A compilation of non-traditional ways of responding to ‘I Love You."

I love you. I know. I love you! Yeah, me too! I love you. Ok. I love you so much… And I love you a little more than that. I love you more than chocolate cake Are you sure? ┬áBecause last I checked, chocolate cake loves me alot…

What, us nocturnal again?

Iman is taking a tour of the living room right now. By herself. Her commando-crawl skills have really picked up in the last few days, and despite being sick and having an ear infection, she still enjoys a good reconnaissance mission over to the corner of the sofa or the edge of the carpet so…

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