Abez sez Assalamualaikum!

Islam, Autism, Mom-ism.


Apples, Oranges, Autism

My blog needs an update – design and structure-wise, I mean. To replace the links I no longer have time to visit (sorry Blogistan!) with links I visit constantly- places like Autism-watch.org, the Assosciation for Science in Autism, Photon in the Darkness Blog- and a slew of blogs written by/for/about Autistics and Autism. It’s a…

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Sweetest little drumming game to play

I have to try this with Khalid. 🙂 Many thanks to Anonymous for sharing the Autismgames link!

Hats off to Dr. Balooshi

For being my more interesting Orthopedic Surgeon. And since I told him about my blog (because I was looking for the video of my previous knee arthroscopy and knew I had posted here a while back) I am now obliged to wave at him. *waves* Hi Doc! Dr. Belooshi is cool. Not only because once,…

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Peeta-Butta and other such verbal masterpieces.

Khalid, time for a bath. No! Khalid, you want a bite? NooOOoOoOoO! Khalid, come here! Noooooo! Khalid, cookie? NooooOOOoOO! No! No! Khalid, shoes on! No no no no no nooooo! It’s a bit frustrating, but at the same time, still wonderful to finally hear what Khalid is thinking. He doesn’t want milk, he wants Joo….

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