Abez sez Assalamualaikum!

Islam, Autism, Mom-ism.

Ramadan Kareem!

Sleepy, tired, hungry, achy, overextended and happy. 🙂 Alhamdulillah. 🙂 I love Ramadan, because I know that even though the first few days can be very rough, the rest of the month will feel light, unburdened, and somehow… free. SubhanAllah.

This one’s for you, Booboo

As art imitates life, Iman is often pushed out of the limelight by Khalid, and I think there’s a disproportionate number of posts in Khalid’s favor. Well, let’s change that. It is time again, for a post about Iman, aka Booboo, who was so named after the sound she would make while trying very hard…

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The knee bone’s connected to the- head bone!

So my surgery happened successfully on Saturday morning, and had some interesting highlites. Dr. Anesthetist: How are you feeling? Me: Cold, your OR feels like a refrigerator. Dr. : I’ll fix that. I will give you a cocktail. (Holding up a syringe) Me: What flavor is it? Dr: You will like it, it is warm….

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Hooray for free Wifi! Blogging from the hospital

For my next trick, I will post a two minute review of the hospital before the nurse comes in and starts poking me with things. The room is nice. Like five-star nice. Hotel nice. With mini fridge and huge flat screen TV, and and vanity kit and lotion and mosaic tiles and luxury bathroom fitting,…

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Surgery in the morning

I will be heading in to the hospital around six in the morning, to be admitted by seven and have surgery by nine InshaAllah. HF is still in the US, and won’t be back until the 13th, and while nothing in the world could make up for his absence, a new paperback and a few…

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Aaaak! I broke my blog! Where is HF when you need him?