Abez sez Assalamualaikum!

Islam, Autism, Mom-ism.


An English to Khalid dictionary

pimeeble –nounthe edible, juicy, collective fruit of a tropical, bromeliaceous plant, Ananas comosus, that develops from a spike or head of flowers and is surmounted by a crown of leaves. pima bubba –nouna paste made from ground roasted peanuts, used as a spread or in cookery. escameeble –nounAlso called moving staircase, moving stairway. a continuously…

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Conversations with Khalid, too!

Khalid: Huh be bees! (Help me please!) Me: Yes Jaan? Khalid: (pinching my leg) Huh be bees! I turn around a look at Khalid, who is standing expectantly by the refrigerator door. I stand up and open the door for him. Me: What do you want? Khalid picks up an orange and pokes his finger…

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In which I have a conversation with Iman

Iman: (pointing to the number 5 on the laptop screen) One! Me: No sweetie, five. Iman: Five? Me: Good girl! Five! Iman thinks for a moment, and holds up five fingers and begins jumping. Me: Yes Iman, Five little monkeys jumping on the bed, one fell off and bumped his head!