Abez sez Assalamualaikum!

Islam, Autism, Mom-ism.


Where’s my lawyer, waaaaaanh!

(Iman, laying in her bed and protesting the gross injustices that are forcing her to be subjected to an obvious violation of her civil rights – a nap – resorts to bargaining.) Mommmaaaaa! — (no response from Momma) I want coffee! — I want milk! — I want water! (I offer her a sippy cup…

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I don’t know why I’m even blogging right now, except that occupying my mind helps distract me from the state my body is in right now. I slept until 1pm today. Straight- or nearly straight- through from ten pm the night before. And I woke up in a pile of toys and books and vaguely…

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Beware of Panda Chinese in the Sharjah City Center

Day four of noodle-induced food poisoning. Being brave and having an egg for breakfast. If anyone needs me, I’ll be laying down on this soft, soft keyboard. *urp*


Why I feel sorry for Spiderman

So there are special needs school in Bahrain that do a wonderful job of catering to children with Down’s Syndrome and CP, but not a single ABA therapy center for children with autism on the whole island. There is one doctor qualified to diagnose for autism, but he doesn’t, because he feels he is cheating…

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Fox Host: All Terrorists are Muslim

Source Rick Sanchez was fired by CNN this month within 24 hours of his sort-of suggesting that Jews run the media. Compare the response to that episode to the non-reaction of the media today after Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade said, “Not all Muslims are terrorists, all terrorists are Muslim.” Kilmeade’s statement is both…

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Look out, Bahrain!

Leaving tomorrow morning for Bahrain. Here’s why- Alhamdulillah. 🙂


Would you like fries with that?

Me: Iman, what would you like for breakfast? Iman: Hmm? Me: What would you like for breakfast? Would you like some cereal? Iman: No. I wanna helicopter. Khalid: Hummus!


And later he told me that he had a race car bed, but I don’t think I believe him.

Sometimes your eyes are sleepy but your brain is awake. And that’s why it’s past midnight and I’m on the computer. (Sorry HF, I tried!) And I will probably just put in half an hour of trying to figure out my shiny new wordpress theme at AutismUAE.com, but first, something I want to remember. Khalid…

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