Abez sez Assalamualaikum!

Islam, Autism, Mom-ism.


A Letter from HF

Assalamalaikum wa rahmatullahe wa barakatuhu everyone- Alhamdulilah we have some very good news to share.  Allah (SWT) is  insha-Allah blessing us with another child. The current expected date is set 2nd/3rd week of June. We are very happy about this, especially since we can now justify the minivan with flame stickers and an “R-type” sticker…

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Randomly Random Ramblings -or- Anything but open my work email, hunh?

So we make plans, but Allah is the best of planners, so the visa for Joy’s replacement won’t be ready until Joy herself gets back. So Khalid will only start going to school once she’s back again, because as his Case Manager said, there was no point in him coming for snack + playground to…

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The enemy within

Rubaiyaat xx & xxi i-xix here He whispering, withdraws To divert you from your cause The snow-white lamb of ‘later’ Has strangely wolf-like claws. **** He took the path of arrogance And insists you follow suit To plant the seed that grows the tree That blossoms rotten fruit.


Preventing Low Iman

It’s sneaking up on me again- low Iman.  And I don’t mean my novelty-sized daughter.  I mean my levels of faith, how alive my heart feels, how easily I wake up for Fajr and how hard I work to keep my mental jukebox clean and my thoughts of other people charitable.  It’s predictable, really.  In…

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Eid Mubarak!



Out of the noses of babes

Iman: momma, wook!   issa booger. Me: Yes dear, let’s get a tissue. Iman: I eat it? Me: No! Do not eat that! [Iman is startled by my reaction, and then understanding dawns on her] Iman: [nodding sagely] Iss berry spicy.



Today is the end of day three without Khalid’s caregiver and therapist Joy, insert witty jokes about the lack of Joy in our lives here. Also, I don’t like email any more.  Or my phone.  Or the internet.  It all represents the constant inflow of work/requests/obligations that I am simply not equipped to handle without…

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Flying Solo: Khalid’s first day of school and other adventures

So Joy- Khalid’s full-time caregiver and ABA therapist- is on vacation for a month as of yesterday, which was also Khalid’s first day of school, which was also the day that Iman fell down in the hallway and knocked loose and fractured one of her front teeth. This morning was our first day without Joy,…

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An Abaya Built for Two

So Iman has this routine that’s specific to us praying at home, which generally involves getting on all fours, crawling between my feet and then standing up inside of my Abaya.  Because I use a chair for half of my salah (for sajda, specifically) the space between my feet exists for the entire prayer, although…

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