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The Warmest Fuzzies Ever :)

Very typical of a person with autism, Khalid is much better able to understand written and visual instructions than he is spoken instructions, and so when it comes to difficult transition times, we use written instruction to help Khalid prepare for what’s coming up. Usually, his written schedule for the evening looks like this:

1. Dinner
2. Bath Time
3. Read Stories with Baba
4. Sleep with Baba

Today, our evening schedule was a little different, because HF had to go pick up some friends who were only in town for two more days and without transportation. Because Baba was unavailable for bed-time, and Joy would be putting Khalid to bed (Yes, she’s back!) the written schedule said only this:

1. Video
2. Sleep

So Khalid found a pen and made some corrections.

With ‘bAbA’. SubhanAllah. 🙂

8 Thoughts on “The Warmest Fuzzies Ever :)

  1. haha love it, mashaAllah.

  2. aww! i can feel my heart just melting into a little puddle. just MELTING! =)

  3. Hugs for khalid and you !:)

  4. 🙂 He’s inherited the family Editing Genes.

  5. MashaAllah!

  6. AWW! Did Baba turn into complete mush?

  7. Mona, He did, in a manly sort of way. 🙂

    Owl: LOL!!!! So he has! We have spelling arguments sometimes. Khalid insists that Ajman be spelled with U, and gets angry when I insist it’s spelled with an A. Phonetically speaking, I think he’s actually right :p

    Yasmine: Me too, very much me too. 🙂

  8. awww.. super cute mashallah! = )

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