Abez sez Assalamualaikum!

Islam, Autism, Mom-ism.


w00t! -yawn- w00t!

Lil Grey Crayon and her three lovelies are here, and we ‘ve had a great time today despite Khalid being up all night w/a cough, Iman being up since 6:30 am, and HF being all the way over in OMAN of all countries.  (He’s no good at helping w/the kids when he’s in another country….

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Time is a funny thing.  You think you have lots of it and then before you realize what’s going on, another day has passed, another week is ending, another month is almost a third gone. Cindy, our housekeeper/Iman-chaser/Jill of All Trades who holds down the fort while I’m off pretending to have a job or…

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If this post had a theme-song, it would be ‘Me & My Shadow’

Iman is “flying” a kite in the front yard (*hint, Momma hung it on some fishing wire tied between the car port and the gazebo) and singing a song of her own making. She’s been playing happily outside on her own for the last fifteen minutes or so, but I can’t help but feel a…

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