And I quote

HF is preparing to leave for work and sprays himself with cologne. He then grimaces as it burns his post-shave skin.

Me: Why spray it on your neck if it burns? Why not spray it somewhere else?
HF: Like where?
Me: I don’t know, your wrists?
HF: Real men don’t wear perfume on their wrists.
Me: No?
HF: They wear it on their fists. Muwahaha!

2 thoughts on “And I quote

  1. My husbandFriend tends to spray his cologne on his beard, the good thing is it stays on all day…bad thing if you’ve developed a dislike for your once favourite cologne due to pregnancy hormones!

    Ramadaan Mubarak! 🙂

    (Looking forward to hearing more about your kids’ adventures- they sound adorable mashaAllaah! )


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