Abez sez Assalamualaikum!

Look Ma, no photoshop!

Khalid and Iman, climbing hand in hand up a sand dune on a crisp February morning.


4 Thoughts on “Look Ma, no photoshop!

  1. A magazine cover in the making… “The future of the UAE is an uphill struggle”? 😛

  2. Assalamu alaykum Sr.Abez,

    I was just surfing youtube and came across this lecture about autism (from search about Arabic grammar!). I didn’t have time to listen to much, but from hearing snippets here and there it seems really amazing mashaAllah. I learned a lot, from causes of Autism to Islamic treatments of illnesses. I know your an expert on this stuff and might not get a lot of new knowledge out of it, but I thought you might like it. If anything, perhaps it will give you a moral boost seeing other Muslims being concerned with our community addressing Autism.


    barakAllahu feek

  3. morale* boost

  4. Lol Zabs :p

    Zain; JazakAllahuKheiran! I’m watching the video now! 😀

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