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Tony Benn tells BBC what’s what! -Gaza

Click here for three minutes of brutally important honesty.

If you can’t say anything nice…

The parents of a child who made gradual but consistent progress for the year and a half my therapists worked with him left the country with an unpaid bill of 16,000 aed (that’s roughly 4,000 dollars) after promising to pay.  They ignored my phone calls and emails for three months.  I caught the mother out by calling her from another number, and when I met her in person to discuss settling the unpaid bill, she said she didn’t want to pay the bill and if we insisted we pay then she would call the police and report my team for child abuse.

This, from a woman whose services were never stopped even when she was late to pay for months at a time, who was exempted from late fees because of the financial difficulty she said she was in, and who kept saying I had to trust her and that she would always pay and that she was not a cheat.

This, from a woman who said we were both mothers of special needs children and that we had to trust each other.

I run a zero-profit business and have not received a salary in two years.  I have licensing fees to pay this month and staff who have a right to their salaries.  It will most likely cost me more money to prosecute this woman than I will get back from her. So now what?

Humanity has hit a new low in my eyes.



Gorgeously *Normal*

Me: Khalid, can you give Musfira one of your chips please?

-Khalid looks into bag-

Khalid: I’m sorry, I don’t have any more.

Me: (Sappy happy grin)


Khalid: Did you know, the trains in Train Conductor 2 run in New York!

Me: New York?

Khalid: Yeah, not old York, New York.  That’s funny!

Me: -swoon-


Me: Khalid, did you take a shower?

Khalid: Yes

Me: When? You already showered today?

Khalid: No.

Me: You need to go shower Khalid.

Khalid: -whining and getting off of computer- But I took a shower last week!

I put on a ‘stern’ face and lead Khalid to the shower, laughing with joy on the inside.  SubhanAllahi Wabihamdihi- Khalid is still far from neurotypical, but he’s so far from where he’s come that sometimes I can’t believe there’s anything wrong with him.  There’s nothing wrong with him, really.  It’s everyone else who has the problem adjusting to his innocent oddness.  I adore him, I really do.  Alhamdulillah.