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Hey, good news for a change!

Alhamdulillah!!! I’m going to be publishing my first book!

Given the last ten or so years of my blogging history, you’ll be surprised to hear it isn’t actually full of mortal wounds, kids stories, and personal reflections. It’s actually a children’s book, and I’m very excited.



At nine in the morning, Khalid came and asked if he could borrow my phone. I told him yes, but he HAD to wake me up at 9:40, because I had a doctor’s appointment to get to. I have bronchitis so I’ve been stealing some extra snoozes in the morning. Khalid agreed, took my phone,…

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Hello my name is: Not Dying-Yet.

So the funny thing about having unspecified myopathy is that no one says I’m dying, but no one says I’m not either. ¬†Yes, the muscles in my body are atrophying, and yes you need muscles to do things like pump blood and breathe, but because I haven’t developed any serious heart or lung complications yet,…

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Be careful what you wish for, sweetheart.

Musfira, staring into bedroom mirror: Momma, whez my beeowd? Me: Your beard? Musfira, you don’t have a beard. Musfira: Why naht? Me: You’re a little girl. Beards are for babas. Musfira: *pouts* I wan sum beeowd! Me: You can’t have a beard! Musfira, dramatically wailing and clutching face: I WAN SUM BEEEEEEEOOOOOOOWD! You can’t make…

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