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Silence is Golden

So I haven’t updated in a while.  I understand that, for people who don’t follow me on twitter, that could mean that I’ve gone and died.  Fair enough.  My twitter handle is @zebasez.  In case you want to see if I haven’t died yet.

I’ve been meaning to write but the problem with writing is that you have to take big, abstract, lumpy concepts like uncertainty, fear, fatigue, pain, and try to fit them neatly into paragraph-sized boxes.  Writing is a hands-on thing, but my hands hurt.  My back hurts. My legs hurt. My head hurts.  And now that I’ve been told that all three of my children are likely to have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome too, my heart hurts.

Ouch, right in the feels!

Once upon a time I begged Allah for Khalid to not have autism, but he did, and that’s been a blessing for us all.  Now, I pray for my children’s health, but if they have Ehlers-Danlos, let it be the focal point around their remembrance of Allah and a daily reminder of their own mortality whether they wanted one or not. Cuz they’re certainly going to need one.  We all do.

3tvczmAllah loves my children more than I do, so if He should decide that Khalid will have low muscle tone and Iman will have elbows that can be wrung like a wet towel and Musfira- my tiniest cupcake- should have a heart murmur, then He has decided that for them out of love, not in spite of it.

I don’t want to give too much away but there are some major life changes coming up for us that I’m not done grieving yet. So until then, silence is golden.

And maybe I’ll post some memes so no one thinks I’ve died. hehe.




No Hands

No Hands

The Husbandtrolls

Me: Did you know that Muslims killed Dracula?

HF: That makes sense, Muslims hate fun.

Me: That’s the title of the lecture, don’t you remember?

HF: “Don’t You Remember?”  That’s a terrible title for a lecture.  *trollface* :p

HF Troll