Abez sez Assalamualaikum!

Islam, Autism, Mom-ism.

Looks like my blog is getting some guest writers. :)

I am sitting in my living room right now, surrounded by all three of my kids, on three laptops, all three of them giggling in glee and reading through their own category tabs. It’s quite an amazing and lovely feeling, watching them interact with the previous versions of themselves and laughing at memories they’ve forgotten….

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5 Silly facts about my family

Hello my name is Cupcake. Well, my real name is not Cupcake. I just don’t want to share my personal info. At only 7 years old I’m very blessed to have my own computer. Anyways… On to the real thing. When my mom forgets people’s names when she is tired she says “What’s his face?”…

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Erm… this is silly. WHAT IS THIS?!

Wow. My first time here in 8 years! So much stuff in the beast that is known for some reason as memory lane. There even was that incident where I kicked Andre’s ***! And embarrassingly, there even are… tabs on me. COMEY! C’MERE! THAT’S IT! TIME TO FIRE YOU! Editor’s note: Here is Khalid’s first…

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