5 Silly facts about my family

Hello my name is Cupcake. Well, my real name is not Cupcake. I just don’t want to share my personal info. At only 7 years old I’m very blessed to have my own computer. Anyways… On to the real thing.

  1. When my mom forgets people’s names when she is tired she says “What’s his face?”
  2. Once when my big brother was little my mom told him to route the map to school but instead he took her to Wendy’s just to get french fries.
  3. Once last year I was calling my dad but instead of saying “Baba” i said “Maba”.
  4. My dad once called me my Iman instead of Musfira.
  5. When my sister was 1 she tried to eat a beetle.

Well that’s all I got! Bye Bye!

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