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WAKE UP IMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! By Musfira.

Ok. A few nights ago I tried to wake Iman up for suhoor…but no.  She wouldn’t wake up.  I tried to wake her up. Here is a list of unsuccessful techniques I tried to use: #1 Shaking her #2 Yelling in her ear #3 Robbing her of her blankie #4 Ice in a bag on…

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Ramadan Update

AssalamuAlaikum Internets! It’s Ramadan again, the first year that all three of my awesome mini-humans are fasting. They’re super-stars at Suhoor, and they’ve collaboratively cooked eggs for themselves the past three in a row. Khalid is 13. (OMG) Iman is 11, Musfira will be turning 8 next month. It baffles and delights me when they…

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