WAKE UP IMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! By Musfira.

Ok. A few nights ago I tried to wake Iman up for suhoor…but no.  She wouldn’t wake up.  I tried to wake her up. Here is a list of unsuccessful techniques I tried to use:

#1 Shaking her

#2 Yelling in her ear

#3 Robbing her of her blankie

#4 Ice in a bag on her face

#5 Ice outside of a big to paint her face. I literally took ice and put it in her face.

#6 Ice cream. I tried to feed her ice cream. She wouldn’t open her mouth. I ate it instead.

Finally I gave up and went to eat suhoor. The End.


  1. Zee (@OwlieBird)

    Musfira, you have continued in our familly’s long and sacred tradition of younger sister’s struggling and often failing to wake up their sleeping log big sisters.

  2. Zee (@OwlieBird)

    One time, when I tried to wake up your momma, she was so insistent on staying in bed, she kicked me in the head so hard that I ended up with a huge bump on my forehead, so huge, that my little nephew started calling me ‘gomra phupho’, which means head bump aunty. 🙁

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