We’re taking this show on the road!

We are excited to announce that the House of Cupcakes (this house, these cupcakes) is embarking on an epic road trip to… the Smokey Mountains! I am not sure who is more excited, me or the kids. The girls bought digital cameras with their Eidhi and so I am appointing them official trip photographers

Khalid is on official barbecue-eating committee, because we’re making an important detour to a halal barbecue & brisket place on the way. It’s almost eight hours away, which is a pity because if it were closer we would be happier as well as more broke, As it is, we were last there two years ago and we’ve got lost time to make up. NOMNOMNOM

Other updates… let’s see. Yesterday Khalid almost beat me in chess. ALMOST. I don’t go easy on the kids, though I try not to crush them entirely without mercy. When things start going badly for my opponent, we’ll literally “turn the tables,’ and switch positions. I go from being the near-victorious conqueror to being the bafflingly outnumbered besieged.

The kids go from being sad and demoralized to being inexplicably reckless with their newly acquired (previously mine) army. Their goal is to put me in check with an overwhelming advantage. Mine is to evade capture for as long as possible and get as many chess moves out of them as I can.

I think it’s working out well, the kids all play chess and seem to enjoy the challenge. We’re thinking of starting a chess club over the summer when we get back from Tennessee InshaAllah. Stay posted for pictures. Also, happy 65th B-day to my Momma! Love you!



Abez is a 50% white, 50% Pakistani, Muslim hijabi Momma of Khalid, a special little boy with autism, and Iman, a special little girl with specially big hair.

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