Khalid’s Coronavirus Log: Day 1

Oh, wow. A lot has happened since I last did this stuff. Let’s see…first of all, we’ve got a global pandemic that has EVERYBODY (everybody sane, that is) going into hiding due to how a vaccine has not yet been found.

What’s the virus behind this madness? Coronavirus, or as the fancy white coats like to call it, COVID-19. To put it very bluntly, this virus was first detected in Wuhan, Hubei Province, Central China, during Christmas Break. They were just the fellas who reported it- COVID might have begun spreading as early as October of last year.

Many nations have gone under lockdown. The thing is, for most of us fellas in the US, the lockdown was mild, and since Trump wants to claim a booming economy, he had the US end the lockdown last month.

Since then, the US has become the center of the epidemic, reporting a staggering 1.5 million cases, allowing it to claim the title of having 18% of all known Coronavirus cases so far. Why is that a big deal? Because right now, there’s about 8,000,000 cases of Coronavirus worldwide. A lot of the cases we know about in the US were in New York City. And Coronavirus hit New York LIKE A BOMB, and Coronavirus is pretty much THE BIGGEST disaster that the city suffered since 9/11, which seriously is saying something. But the thing is, Trump is claiming that the US has beat the Coronavirus, and not only that, he’s still being offensive – he held a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Juneteenth- On the site of the worst race riot in HISTORY.

Here’s something that Trump doesn’t know about pandemics. Usually, if a pandemic is global, like the Spanish Flu, then it usually runs its course for a few years, while everyone is freaking out. Thankfully, the Flu wasn’t immune to winter, and tempered down into your average seasonal flu. Sadly, we don’t know if Coronavirus is fully immunized against the cold of winter. If it was, then things would be easier.

The smart thing to do either way during a pandemic is to isolate yourself from any human beings who aren’t your family until a vaccine comes out. Even then, pandemics take a ridiculously high amount of human life. In conclusion, here’s a question for the humans out there- When do you think that the Coronavirus pandemic began?

  1. Kay

    A few people I know here in Canada said they got the worst cold/flu of their lives in December, long before the first official case of Covid-19 was diagnosed here. So some people are guessing it already had crossed the Atlantic by then.
    That was a great blog entry I learned something new. I’m off to google flu immunity against cold weather.

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