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Hijabi Expectations vs Reality – by Iman

PUTTING ON A HIJAB E: There! one big swoop! all done! not a single hair showing! R: Owww! get on you stupid hijab! AAARRRRGGGG!!!! STOP SLIPPING OF MAH HEAD!!!!! BEING ASKED ABOUT WHY YOU WHERE HIJAB E: I wear a scarf because my religion tells women to cover up for modesty. R: uhhh, because…uhmmmmmmmmmmm………………………….. honestly…

WAKE UP IMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! By Musfira.

Ok. A few nights ago I tried to wake Iman up for suhoor…but no.¬† She wouldn’t wake up.¬† I tried to wake her up. Here is a list of unsuccessful techniques I tried to use: #1 Shaking her #2 Yelling in her ear #3 Robbing her of her blankie #4 Ice in a bag on…

Must… not… break… salah!

I’m trying to concentrate on prayer, and the following conversation transpires before me:

Musfira: Iman, canna have a cotton candy?

Iman: Musfira, these are cotton balls, not cotton candy.

Musfira; Notta candy?

Iman: No, it’s not candy. Do you know what this is made of?

Short Update

I think I may not have updated for over a month. ¬†High score! So here’s the world’s shortest summary of last month: Iman: Grommets in, tonsils & adenoids out. ¬†Two weeks off school, ice-cream and lollipops FTW! We spent a day and a half in the hospital. ¬†The first day was fun, because morphine. ¬†She…

Iman’s first blog

GOT THE BIGGEST ICE CREAM ¬†LOVE IMAN Note from Momma: Iman typed this blog by herself, and I had no intention of making any changes, but when autocorrect underlined her spelling of “bigist,” she had to ask why the computer was putting red lines under her words. So we had an impromptu spelling lesson for…

P is for poke, apparently.

(I am sitting at the dining table working on my computer, and suddenly I get a jabbing feeling in my left side.) Me: Iman! What are you doing? (Iman grins and holds up her pink pencil) Iman: I poking you! Me: Yes, I can see that. ¬†If you want to get my attention, say excuse…