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When Nineveh Met Taif: Gems from Ilmfest

It was a sad day in Ninevah. The Prophet Yunus, peace be upon him, was leaving. Angry, frustrated, and unable to continue what felt like a hopeless endeavor, he boarded the first ship out of town, leaving his homeland behind. He had tried and tried and tried– but no matter how hard he argued or…

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This made me feel better today

The Prophet ﷺ was asked, “O Messenger of Allāh, which of the people are the most sorely tested?” He said: “The Prophets, then those similar, then those similar. A man will be tested in accordance with his level of faith. If his faith is strong, he will be tested more severely, and if his faith is…

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Three Hadith you’ve [prolly] never heard

Suhaib Webb published an short list of authentic but little-heard hadith here, and three of them really caught my attention. “The believer is friendly and likeable*1  and there is no good in the one who is not friendly nor likeable, and the best of them are the most beneficial to the people.” (Sahih al-Jami) “Hellfire has…

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Lessons from Abu Huraira’s fingers :)

May Allah be pleased with Abu Huraira, he was an amazing man and I love his kuniya.  Abu Huraira means father of the kitten-you see, he used to have a pet kitten. 🙂  And I know I just updated yesterday, and I wouldn’t want to overwhelm my *vast* readership with such excesses as *daily* posting,…

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Islamic Gems: Manners have limits- Ibn Al Qayyim

Ibn al-Qayyim said: “…Manners have limits. When these limits are crossed, this is transgression. When they are fallen short of, this is deficiency and disgrace. Anger has a limit: and it is to be bold while being above having negative and deficient traits, and this is the perfect form of anger. If this limit is…

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