AssalamuAlaikum people who are still here and haven’t died of boredom yet! October is Dysautonomia awareness month, and my next vlog will be about … drumroll please… Dysautonomia. So, any questions? Apart from “what the heck is that?” I’ll answer them InshaAllah as best as…

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Everyone has a purpose in this life.  Sometimes I think mine may be to give medical staff something funny to talk about over break, MashaAllah. My doctors are trying to figure out if my POTS, progressive weakness & neuropathy are caused by an underlying auto-immune…

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Sometimes, when my arms feel especially weak and the bread for dinner seems especially chewy, I feel kind of deflated and end up googling for things like “myopathy experts,” and “where to find help for myopathy.” Due to things like location and financial constraints, nothing…

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The believer is not broken by sorrow Any more than a mountain is leveled by wind And neither are battered, but shaped By the force of storms they would weather