Abez sez Assalamualaikum!

Islam, Autism, Mom-ism.



Of all the conversations I’ve had with my children about prayer, the reason we don’t say “Ameen” in Batman voice has been the most unexpected so far.


Are you my daughter-in-law?

A young woman with Down’s Syndrome (who has been baking for a long ole time already) gets rejected from too many bakery jobs. So she opens her own bakery. This video made me cry for so many reasons. I’m scared of what my son’s future will hold. I know that him being rejected over and…

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Kids Ask: What’s the point of Jummah?

A few minutes before Jummah today, my son came and sat down next to me in a grumpy huff. “Momma, I just don’t understand…” He furrowed his lil brow angrily and said, “What’s the point of Jummah!” I told him I had the answer. But first, we needed candy…


First Come, First Served; Rubina!

What is your schedule like? I have a 7 month old now, any suggestions on how to be a calm parent, how to give the right tarbiyat, how to incline them towards Islam and the spicy Desi food. – Rubina AssalamuAlaikum Rubina. 🙂  Children are weird, sticky, lovely, quirky, fascinating miniatures of ourselves- doubly as…

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I’m thinking of an animo…

Our lil family has a favorite  game, and the way it’s won is by preserving momma’s sanity with three children and no volume control.  We stick to animals to keep it simple, and a turn always starts with the phrase “I’m thinking of an animal,” followed by three clues. We play the guessing game during…

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Heartachingly Sweet

Iman: Momma, your hands are shaking! Me: Yes, they do that sometimes dear. Iman: I’ll stop it for you! :holds my hand: That’s my girl.


Countdown to Catastrophe!

If you hate Barney (you know you do) and you wish there were intelligent, adorable, totally halal, and well-written cartoons for children that also happened to be ISLAMIC!!! (talk about unrealistic expectations, hunh?) then I have bad news for you: There are only five days left for the Misri Bunch kickstarter campaign to find Season…

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Hey, good news for a change!

Alhamdulillah!!! I’m going to be publishing my first book!

Given the last ten or so years of my blogging history, you’ll be surprised to hear it isn’t actually full of mortal wounds, kids stories, and personal reflections. It’s actually a children’s book, and I’m very excited.



So Khalid still doesn’t talk. At all. He doesn’t even say Mama. I mean, he does say things like akichigaa and gagin-gagin and mamamamamamaaaaaaa, but nothing with meaning and context. I’m not worried about his development, just impatient to be able to communicate with him. All of the recommendations about helping ease sibling rivalry and…

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