Abez sez Assalamualaikum!

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WAKE UP IMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! By Musfira.

Ok. A few nights ago I tried to wake Iman up for suhoor…but no.  She wouldn’t wake up.  I tried to wake her up. Here is a list of unsuccessful techniques I tried to use: #1 Shaking her #2 Yelling in her ear #3 Robbing her of her blankie #4 Ice in a bag on…

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الوالي Al- Wali, The Protecting Friend

Ya Wali, as we move to a new country with new people, where we will find both new friends new enemies, please be the Protecting Friend of my children. If my children face bullies, please protect their little hearts and bodies. If my children face loneliness on the straight path,  let them know that the Lord Himself…

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30 Days, 30 Duas.

I have yet to, in my life, manage to post continuously for a thirty day stretch, but in the followup of an inspirational and much-needed pre-Ramadan meeting with my awesome circle of friends, I will now try. How many of Allah’s names do you know? I’m testing myself here, no cheating.  Translations based on what…

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