You guys…

If I’m not responding to my comments it’s because I feel… embarrassed.

I am not brave, I am not strong, I am not amazing.

I alternate between insane optimism and resigned dread.

I am not the Super-Mom of a Special-Needs Child, I am the “So, how do we cope today?” type.

I am pushing forward because the only way out is through.

Still. It’s warm and fuzzy to feel believed in though.



Abez is a 50% white, 50% Pakistani, and 100% Muslim. She is also chronically ill and terminally awesome. She is the ever-lovin Momma of: - Khalid, a special little boy with autism - Iman, a special little girl with especially big hair -Musfira, an especially devious baby Spoiler, Abez is also Zeba Khan on

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