Erm… this is silly. WHAT IS THIS?!

Wow. My first time here in 8 years! So much stuff in the beast that is known for some reason as memory lane. There even was that incident where I kicked Andre’s ***! And embarrassingly, there even are… tabs on me. COMEY! C’MERE! THAT’S IT! TIME TO FIRE YOU!

Editor’s note: Here is Khalid’s first blog, and here is the time Khalid kicked Andre’s butt. 

  1. Abez

    Hey Handsome. Can you paste a link to the blog post you’re referring to?

    Also, I was very proud of you for kicking that kid’s butt. Butt is a perfectly acceptable word. If you have to put something in asterisks, then you have to find a more polite way to say it.

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